REAL users for your Android application


I represent the project that delivers installations of Android applications by REAL USERS.

AppsMarketing.onlie uses different regional platforms to encourage users (including opinion makers in different social networks that recommend installing our applications).

We monitor the promotion campaigns in real time through the SDK to ensure the best quality of the facilities. In addition, each new advertiser automatically receives 5000 FREE installations of REAL users per application, so you can convince yourself of its high quality before buying any installation.

To take advantage of AppsMarketing.onlie's promotional services, follow the steps below:

Step 1
First you will need to integrate our SDK in your application. Here is a how-to guide:

Step 2
After that, send us a notice to our Skype contact, Telegram @appsmarketingonline or simply on our page

Step 3
Our service administrator will add your application to the list of applications with the status "In promotion".
Your application will start to get free installations from the next day.