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Dear Wjunction users,

I am Nicos and I will be your manager here regarding RapidVideo.com. I would like to present our video service.

Player settings: use your own logo on the player, remove titles and descriptions, activate anti-adblock, hide source links by hiding the code and add a backlink to your logo

We have our own scripts and configurations, so the encodings of the videos will start immediately, without seeing "Buffering 0%". Our flow is excellent, including Asian countries.

You can load multiple threads through the loading of the browser after the video is loaded, a link / insertion code will be generated.

Feature breakdown:
– Up to 1080p HD quality.
– MKV / MP4 input with subtitle support. We will encode the subs by default, you can change this configuration in the user configuration.
– Support for mobile phones.
– Support for HTML5 as the main
– Useful Video Manager with folder management, export functions and categorization of videos.
– Multi-Threads supported Upload form
– Support of the loading tool z-o-o-m
– Good transmission speed, works with all slow internet connections too.
– Unlimited space / Almost not eliminated from inactivity, only when there is limited space, we will delete files that have not been seen in a while (1 to 2 months).
– SRT subs support

Rules and conditions is simple:
The Content of copyright, which does not have the rights for the content is strictly prohibited, respect the copyright.
Only non-adult content is allowed. If you want to upload adult content, use www.bitporno.com, there is also a thread here.
Adult is allowed on RapidVideo.com and BitPorno.com.
You will be blocked if you try to manipulate our system, such as sending junk mail, sending fake traffic, direct link videos
Any violation of these rules will have your account permanently disabled and the winnings will be lost if it is not possible to find a solution.

How we count the views:
We count up to 1 visits per visitor for each affiliated user. For example, if you see five different videos of the same user, they will be 1 views. If you watch the same video 5 times, it will also be 1 view.

How to add SRT subs to the videos?
Click on CC, then select the language and load the srt file

If you have suggestions or advice, we are pleased to hear them and try to keep improving.

Feel free to try us. We wish you the best of luck, if you choose us as your supplier.
Link to register:


Best regards,