Question About Small rar Files – Earnings |

Hello! I have a question and i need some good answers to make something clear!

A filehost like Katfile give some moneys for downloaded files! For example:


PLAN B | SIZE FILE: 251- 500 MB | EARNINGS: $18

All earnings – prices are for 1000 downloads and every IP can give 0.50$ per day. So my question is:

If i make small files like 150mb per part for a movie 3GB i will get 20 – 22 rar files! This parts go to PLAN A = $12 but i will have more downloads because its more rar files!

If i make 251mb files i will get 15 – 17 rar files! This file sizes go to PLAN B = $18 more moneys but i will get less downloads!

So in witch PLAN i will get more moneys ? To PLAN A with more parts for downloads or for PLAN B with less parts = downloads ?

Thanks :smirk: