qt – lmport/Export .dwg file to Scene3d in qt3d

I have a simple program that has Scene3d in qml like this code :

    id : scene3d
    anchors.fill: parent
    focus: true
    aspects: ["render", "logic", "input"]
    hoverEnabled: true
    cameraAspectRatioMode: Scene3D.AutomaticAspectRatio

    antialiasing: true


I want to load a .dwg AutoCAD file in this Scene3D . I know that for doing this I should use a library like Assimp but the problem is that Assimp doesn’t support this format of files so I find libdxfrw but I don’t know how should I use it in my project and how to use it in qml Scene3d.

I know that SceneLoader can import .obj files , is there any way to convert .dwg files to .obj ?