python – Tcl 8.5 and RabbitMQ

I have to follow a rather unusual case:

I have a legacy system written in Tcl 8.5 from which I need to send monitor data to a RabbitMQ (at a high frequency). Since, afaik, there is not a RabbitMQ client available for Tcl 8.5 and the addition of add-ons such as stomp to the queues is not an option, I am considering calling a Python script from the Tcl script to do the sending of the message. By calling a typical Python script that goes through the complete connection cycle -> send -> disconnection, it manages to post the message in the queue, but it has significant performance issues due to the need to continually create new connections to the tail and then finish them. Ideally, I would need to be able to create a persistent connection to the queue and have an identifier that can be called from the Tcl script I once called (create the channel) and send the last message to the queue. Do you know any of the Python libraries or a different approach that can be adapted to this case?

Any suggestion is more than welcome.

Thanks in advance,