Python dictionary based on input file

I’m trying to create a dictionary object like below using the input file data structure as below, During conversion inner object is being replicated. Any advise what fix is needed for desire output

input file data:/home/file1.txt

fname       : Harry
lname       : Hoit
age         : 22

fname       : Adam
lname       : Re
age         : 25

expected output :

{'Student1' : {'fname' : 'Harry', 'lname' : 'Hoit', 'Age' : 22},
'Student2' : {'fname' : 'Adam', 'lname' : 'Re', 'Age' : 25}}
def dict_val():
    out = {}
    inn = {}
    path= '/home/file1.txt'
    with open(path, 'r') as f:
        for row in f:
            row = row.strip()
            if row.startswith("("):
                i = row(1:-1)
                # inn.clear() ## tried to clean the inner loop during second but its not correct
                if len(row) < 2:
                    key, value = row.split('=')
                    inn(key.strip()) = value.strip()
                    out(i) = inn
    return out


current output: getting duplicate during second iteration

{'student1': {'fname': 'Adam', 'lname': 'Re', 'age': '25'}, 
 'Student2': {'fname': 'Adam', 'lname': 'Re', 'age': '25'}}