Python – Automate code with suffix

I am trying to automate this portion of code in python (code shown for two polygons, I am trying to do the same for 10,000 polygons). Any ideas on how to implement this using for loop or the fastest way you recommend.

### Polygon 1 
def checkPolygon1(row):
    point = Point((row('X')), (row('Y')))
    return polygon1.contains(point)

#Apply fn to each row of dataframe (datacopy)
datacopy.apply(checkPolygon1, axis=1)

#Create new variable InPolygon1 in data if X, Y in shapely file 
datacopy('InPolygon1') = datacopy.apply(checkPolygon1, axis=1)

### Polygon 2
def checkPolygon2(row):
    point = Point((row('X')), (row('Y')))
    return polygon2.contains(point)

datacopy.apply(checkPolygon2, axis=1)
#Create new variable InPolygon2 in data if X, Y in shapely file 
datacopy('InPolygon2') = datacopy.apply(checkPolygon2, axis=1)