python 3.x – Access a data in a data structure

I am very new to Python, but with experience in other languages.
My problem arises when trying to use a module to read DBF files; and that I still do not assimilate the Python data structures.
The example of use that this module brings is:

from dbfread import DBF
for record in DBF ('people.dbf'):
    print (record)


OrderedDict ([('NAME', 'Alice'), ('BIRTHDATE',, 3, 1))])
OrderedDict ([('NAME', 'Bob'), ('BIRTHDATE',, 11, 12))])

Where NAME and BIRTHDATE, are the field names of 'people.dbf'.
'Alice' and (1987, 3, 1) are the values ​​of those fields, in the first record.
My problem is that I do not know how to reference these values ​​so that, in each iteration, I assign them to variables.
I mean, something like …

name = record.OrderedDict ('NAME') # that the variable name is assigned 'Alice'
date = record.OrderedDict ('BIRTHDATE') # that the date variable assigns (1987, 3, 1)

The module loads a single record for each iteration. That is, it does not load all the records in a structure that can then be traversed.
Only the last record read is available in each iteration.