Puzzle: how to handle a maze in a game, game by game.

Therefore, I will lead a classic adventure of Mutants and Masterminds next week, "Toys will be toys". The crux of the game are the players who make their way through a series of rooms connected by corridors. Since this is a superhero game, there will be people who move at super speed and teleport. For the most part, I do not see a problem because most rooms include some situation that needs to be overcome, and in some of them there are some built-in brakes that specifically target the super speed or the teleporter. However, a room is specifically a labyrinth and I wonder how exactly the navigation of the branches is handled without slowing down things by asking them over and over again.

What is a good way to handle this? Do players have to provide navigation rules and present what they learn? Just give them a skill test to determine how long it takes for them to get through the maze? To complicate things a bit, the scenario causes the walls to change if someone uses super speed or teleportation inside the labyrinth (although it is not immediately obvious unless they track a map and realize that the labyrinth does not make sense to a two-dimensional immutable design).

This publication has some interesting ideas for skipping a map altogether, but I'm specifically trying to figure out how to do this in play by post where people usually say something like "I walk down the hall" and it becomes very interesting. Significant if they encounter something 100 feet down a 200 foot runner, but the other players have their own narratives potentially up and running.