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I am new to GSA (1 day) but I have some experience with autosubmiters. I'm trying to post in forums.

I have a scrapebox list, which I'm not sure I managed to add correctly to GSA SER, but it does not matter at this time.

GSA SER did some (100+) accounts in several forums. The publication of the forum consists of three actions:

1. create accounts

2. verify accounts

3. publish threads

So far, it seems that you have created some accounts. I stopped the project, I established the status "Active: check only the emails", I started the project again and got this:

22:58:47 [ ] Verifying links …
22:58:47 [ ] Checking the email for links (107 checks waiting) …
22:58:49 [ ] Analyzing 6 emails …
22:58:49 [ ] Analysis of done by 100%
22:58:55 [-] Verification (round 1) of phpBB was not successful-> deleted –
22:58:55 [-] Verification (round 1) of FluxBB was not successful-> deleted – [Registration]
22:58:55 [-] Verification (round 1) of XenForo was unsuccessful-> removed -http: // [Registration]
22:58:55 [ ] Verification of finished electronic mail.
22:58:55 [ ] Verification completed (107 controls performed)
Question: is there any other way to check emails? When does GSA SER begin to verify the emails by itself? And what does that record even mean? :)

Going to step 3 – publish threads

I have marked all the correct boxes, I have filled in all the correct fields.

Question: When does it start to be published in the forums? Let's say I have a list of 1k forums, I stopped the project after 100 records, I verified the emails (something like that because I do not really get it from the registry) and now I want to publish in those 100 forums. How?

And, most importantly, where is the departure list? Where do I manually verify created profiles and published threads?

Thank you!