Propellerads scam publisher and advertiser

We worked with them as editors for many years, honestly we had no problem with them.
Do not try them as advertisers, you'll be scammed

You need 100 usd to start
Others like adcash only need 25 usd.

Campaigns attempted cpm:
They claim that they sent 110,000 popunder.
In Google Analytics we saw only 10,000!
They claim that the most powerful tracking platform (Google Analytics) is not accurate
Well, I can understand when the difference is 10-20% …
But there is a big difference between 110k claimed and 10k !!

They say to try cpa
We tried … but the condition is to put a value of 50 usd cpm for the test, which means you will lose the 50usd and the campaign will stop … so it's just a masked cpm scam to push more!
It is cpm you can try for $ 10, but in cpa you will be forced to use a minimum of 50 usd in each campaign

Think again … 0.1 cpm for countries like the United Kingdom, us, of …
sure a scam to get your greens
Beware of Ukrainian companies, I've been 6 years in Ukraine, one of the most con men businessmen in the world