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About the company
"promine" is a company created to give our investors the opportunity to obtain a completely passive income from the investment in the cryptocurrency. By investing in our mining plans, you can buy your share of the technical infrastructure for profitable mining. We can offer you a stable profit of 3.5% to 6% per day. Our plans have been calculated in this way to guarantee said benefits based on the value of your investment. We offer you a stable investment and real benefits.

Investment plans:

=> 3.5% daily for 60 days
Minimum 0.002 BTC
Maximum 10 BTC

=> 5% daily for 40 days
Minimum 0.1 BTC
Maximum 20 BTC

=> 6% daily for 30 days
Minimum 1 BTC
Maximum 100 BTC

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Payment processor

Minimum deposit: 0.002 BTC
Minimum withdrawal: 0.0006 BTC

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Ssl encryption
Fast and cuprative support
Protected Ddos
Dedicated accommodation
Uniqe Design

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