Project Finance / bg, sblc specifically for lease

As a financial and investment company that is a leading provider of commercial financing, financing and project financing; We also offer removable bank instruments at rates as low as two percent (2%) of the required BG | SBLC | DLC | LC | PB | MTN | Banking ladies of nominal value.

We offer basically a wide range of financial instruments, including;
– Letters of standby credit
– Bank guarantees
– Deferred / documentary credit letters
– Network of credit clauses
– Usage credit letters
– Performance guarantees
– Demand guarantees
– POF messages
– Message prior to notice
– Comfort letters
– Ready Willing and Able (RWA) messages; and we can complete a transaction within 48 to 72 hours depending on the requirement of the tenant / buyer side.

If you are interested in the Lease and Sale of these, inform us and we will be happy to share with you our TERMS OF PROCEDURE regarding the implementation of an IMPARTIOUS TRANSACTION. Upon acceptance of your part to work with the Landlord Terms, we would have a current Legal Contract for the transaction to be established between the Applicant and the Beneficiary and the delivery of the Bank's Instrument will be made in accordance with the Verborrea (Text) chosen by the bank of the beneficiary.

Contact us to register your interest and receive more information by email and / or Skype.

Contact: Mr. Marco Licani
Email: [email protected]
Skype id: Marco.Licani1