Programming a browser

I have not found it slow at all, but in reality it is the ready-to-use functions that I sell. It's highly configurable, it does everything Chrome can do … and it has MANY of the features that Opera used to have before telling its loyal fans to screw around with the pathetic slap of its logo on Chrome, which was ChrOpera.

It is highly configurable: the things that I do not like (like the stupid coloring of the whole window to match a site) are easily disabled. That's actually a common thread in my likes and dislikes of the software, since it's often not about all the features that come with, But the ability to turn things off that I do not like! You can see this in my choice of editor, the Flo 2 Notepad, where you will really remember that I do not want to highlight the color syntax, it DOES NOT have tabs (that for a 1440p multiple screen user is a technological step backward), etcetera etcetera.

In the case of Vivaldi, as mentioned, the color of the window frame: I deactivate it and establish it in the "subtle" theme, which has the charming mix of classic grays with modern minimalism.

One thing that gives a bit of success in the performance are the thumbnails of the tabs, so I disable them and the pop-ups for them: configuring the tabs to be displayed on the left as a column with the maximum width allowed allows me to see a significant part of each site label, and that's a BIG improvement in the usability of the location of the upper tab of the garbage: adding more vertical width to the cost of horizontal widescreen is also great. </p> <p>The speed dial is better than Opera always allowed for the folders, and is at the forefront (IMHO) on the implementation of any other browser or even the third party extensions that I have tried. The fact that it is DIRECTLY assigned to the bookmarks folder and can be manipulated / configured from within AND from the bookmarks is SO an obvious answer … particularly with the option "open all bookmarks" in the contextual menu for the folders of bookmarks and speed dial, useful for "well, these are the pages I visit every morning", as well as to create test configurations during development. Other browsers try to implement this, but let me … wanting functionality. <i>(Something like the * nix GUI desktops do a good job of LOOKING modern, but from a functional point of view they have not yet reached Windows 3.0)</i></p> <p>"Panels": a classic feature of Opera is also present, and works very well and continues to improve. You can even add web applets to the panel. I leave the panel bar open all the time to the left to easily access bookmarks, notes and downloads with a meaningful interface WITHOUT leaving the current page or dealing with separate tabs / windows … SOMETIMES, particularly with "notes" is A very important characteristic. Opera Notes was a classic feature that ChrOpera STILL does not have, and extensions / mods / plugins / pickANameNotYourNose to try other browsers are simply invalid and unreliable.</p> <p>One of the most interesting features is that, in fact, it is a full-stack web application. I'm not crazy about the fact that it uses react and I think any perceived laziness can have the DIRECT finger in that frame, but under the hood, the main executable is basically the same as nw.js or electron. Because it is a full stack web application, you can add your own JavaScript, HTML and CSS to the program interface. This opens the door to some interesting possibilities. If you know how to program websites, you can reverse engineer and modify the user interface of the browser with relative ease. When I started, that was a great selling point for me, although in recent versions, much of what was DIY is now integrated.</p> <p>What is something else, they actually seem to listen to the requests of the users to incorporate things.</p> <p>The fact that it can be executed out of the box can also execute ALL chrome extensions, and works with the Chameleon extension, which allows execution of Opera add-ons is welcome, especially since some types of extensions have been banned / blocked in Play Store for doing things that Google does I do not approve the downloading of YouTube videos.</p> <p>After the constant "fall" of the user interface of other browsers to the point that they are less useful than the IE 4 for the Mac (to the point that they are doomed to boot their user interface now) It is … Cool to see something a bit more in line with what I expect from a modern browser interface.</p> <p>I mean, look at this on the laptop that I'm using now:<br /></p> <p>That's what I'm talking about … and at least it's STABLE, that's more than I can say about Firefox, which has ALWAYS been an unstable and unreliable disaster for me. I used to joke in the days of Opera 12 / earlier. I relied on its beta version rather than the Firefox stables. These days I trust the Vivaldi snapshots more than the FF stables. </p> </p> </div> </pre> </pre> <div data-id="RFR2P3578" class="rating_form_wrap rating_form_2" itemscope="itemscope" itemtype=""> <style type="text/css">.rating_form_2 {text-align:left;} .rating_form_2 .rating_form .item {color:#ffd700;font-size:9px;} .rating_form_2 .rating_form .item.hover {color:#ff7f00;} .rating_form_2 .def {background-color:#ffffff;color:#ffffff;font-size:3px;} </style><script type="text/javascript">jQuery(document).ready(function() {jQuery.ajax({type: "POST",url : rating_form_script.ajaxurl,data : { action : "display_rating_form_ajax", args : {"id":2,"post_id":3578,"comment_id":0,"custom_id":"0","user_id":0,"term_id":0,"title":false,"score":true,"total":true,"stats":true,"user_stats":false,"tooltip":true,"result":true,"rich_snippet":true,"is_widget":false,"state":"","before_content":"","after_content":"","rates":"rating,ratings","txt_score":"%1$s\/%2$s"} }, success : function(data) { jQuery("body").find("[data-id=\"RFR2P3578\"]").html(data); 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