Problems with unprocessed payments – Paypal and – Payment processors


I have been using Interspire Cart 5.5.4 for two separate stores since March of this year and although it was not evident at the beginning, it seems that I am losing a lot of sales because customers have problems processing their payments. (I use as my gateway, as well as Paypal Express). So I ask myself: Is anyone else seeing problems where Paypal informs that the transaction can not be completed, or if the customer tries to use a credit card so soon? As you press the send button, they end up back on the payment page instead of the cart processing your credit card. With credit cards, I do not even see an attempted transaction in my processing records, so it seems that Interspire never sent it to the gateway. Not all of my clients are seeing this, but enough so that I am losing ideas sales.Any valid in what cause this?

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