Problems with Ramnode Atlanta? The | Web Hosting Talk

This is not really an interruption, per se … but I wasn't sure which specific forum this might fall into.

Does anyone have an instance of VPS or Cloud with Ramnode in their Atlanta location? Do you notice periodic interruptions?

We have a monitoring service that monitors this server approximately every 5 minutes. Maybe 2 or 3 times a day, that monitoring service detects that our server at the Ramnode Atlanta location is down. Always report a backup during the next interval, so it is not very important. Actually, I never realized that I was inactive, but it is not a server we work on much. The strange thing is that the monitoring service monitors Web, SMTP and IMAP and informs everyone … then a backup, which sounds like a network problem, if you are deactivating all services. Nor would it be a big problem if it happened once on a blue moon, but it seems to happen routinely.

Curious if someone else in Ramnode Atlanta realizes this or if it's just me.