Problem installing Bootcamp (Windows 10 in Mojave)

I am trying to install Windows 10 on my non-Retina MBP from mid-2012. Previously I had a Windows 7 Bootcamp that I had to remove manually by deleting its partition through the Disk Utility.

I am trying to install it through a USB flash drive and my Windows ISO is Pro build 1809. I also updated my macOS to 10.14.3.

The problem is that when I open Boot Camp Assistant, the window is different from everything I've seen on YouTube, since it does not show the disk with a slider that allows me to determine the size of my Bootcamp partition that I want to be, after Choose the ISO and USB drive, it goes directly to the driver download and after that said it worked and it did not restart automatically.

And when I restarted, I did not go automatically to the Windows configuration and the second time I kept the option key, but they presented me with three options, one Macintosh HD and the other two (with yellow USB icons) were EFI Setup and I think Windows La installation and as it was not normal, I decided not to install in that way, assuming that the Windows configuration will not have partitions available from macOS to install.

What should I do now?

Thank you