Private tracker with open registrations and invitations to applications, February 2011 | NewProxyLists

Name of the site: MP3Scene (
Registration URL:
Statistics: 6800+ torrents and ~ 5000 users
Description: MP3Scene is one of the fastest growing private trackers launched in 2011: the site has indexed almost 7,000 torrents in approximately two weeks. It is an MP3 music tracker based on the SoftMP3 source. SceneMP3 is supposed to become an invitation only from February 1, so enter while you can.

Name of the site: UnionGang (
Registration URL:
Statistics: More than 4500 torrents
Description: UG is a general torrent site that indexes everything from music, games to TV shows, but is best known for its movie repository that includes variable quality releases ranging from DVDR to BRRips. UG is also one of the first sites to upload filtered regional content, that is, R5 DVD releases by groups such as ELEKTRIKA. For help with translation in navigation and registration, see the full review.

Name of the site: CopyThatFloppy (
Registration URL:
Statistics: 2100+ users and more than 500 torrents
Description: CopyThatFloppy (CTF) joins the limited number of Appz crawlers that exist along with others like Appz Bitshock and AppzUniverse. After being in the beta for about a month, CTF was released to the public on December 31, 2010. Based on Gazelle's base code, this is probably the only new software sniffer that arrives on the BitTorrent scene in 2010 .

Alpha Omega
Name of the site: AlphaOmega (
Registration URL:
Statistics: 5500+ torrents
Description: AlphaOmega is a private torrent tracker without feature ranges for general content. Based on the Gazlle base code, the site has good pre-release times, lots of new daily torrents and many additional usability features. See the full review for screens and more information.

World without losses
Name of the site: World without losses (
Registration Application:
Statistics: 650 users and more than 3600 torrents
Description: Lossless World is a lossless music tracker that has its own rippers, loaders and, therefore, a torrent index full of exclusive releases. Registration is open through invitation requests and IRC invitations: read the full review for more information.

Name of the site: TheTorrents (
Registration URL:
Statistics: ~ 750 toirrents
Description: TheTorrents is a new free private torrent tracker for Oldies. You can find many old movies, retro TV shows, classic literature, etc., including rare content here. Read the full review for screenshots and more details.

Name of the site: XvidMe (
Registration URL:
Statistics: 280+ torrents
Description: XvidMe is a new private tracker that specializes in movie releases encoded with the popular Xvid codec. You can find a lot of 700MB / 1.4GB movie encodings here. Please note that this site will become an invitation only after February 1st.

Name of the site: FunFile (
Registration URL:
Statistics: 18500+ users and 2900 torrents
Description: FunFile (FF) is a long-running General / 0Day torrent tracker with a large user base and a torrent index. From 0Day scene release packages to movies, music, games, TV shows, e-books, software, portable applications, FF tracks almost everything a pirate would regularly need …

Name of the site: SceneLinks (
Registration URL:
Statistics: ~ 725 torrents
Description: SceneLinks (SCL) is one of the last private torrent communities without a ratio to reach the BitTorrent scene. It is not a niche tracker, but a General / 0Day tracker that tracks content ranging from movies, games to exclusive encodings and torrent packages.

Name of the site: BtTrove (
Registration URL:
Statistics: 1500 torrents and more than 4500 users
Description: BtTrove is a private tracker based on a forum that has content similar to TemplateP2P. The site indexes tutorials, software and premium resources related to web development, web design, graphic design, 2D / 3D digital images, 3D animation, stock photography, music creation, programming, networks and more. See the full review for more information.

The black hand
Name of the site: The Black Hand
Invite application URL:
Statistics: ~ 1500 users and ~ 1500 torrents
Description: The Black Hand (TBH) is the resurrected version of the popular CN tracker. TBH is a site specialized in movie torrents with advanced features and a mafia-like appearance and feel. See the full review for account recovery / request invitation instructions.

Name of the site: TorrentVault (
Details of the invitation channel: [Click Here]
Statistics: 6300+ users and 43000+ torrents
Description: TorrentVault is a general private tracker based on the Gazelle base code. Now it has a torrent index with more than 40k torrents, excellent previous times, a unique system of bonus points and the recently presented TorrentVault market. The site is open through the invitation request: for instructions, see the full review.