private key: recovery of a Bitcoin key made of rolling dice

A 6-sided dice rolled 99 times gives 6^99 = 1.088864372500119e77 possible combinations This is almost exactly the same key space of a 256-bit private key (approximately 2 ^ 256), in other words, without knowing how many digits it has changed, it is impossible.

Let's see, if my calculations are correct, I think if you changed 1 digit, then you must test each number 6 times, or 99 x 6 = 594 attempts. If you changed 2 digits, then you should try 594 ^ 2 = 352836. If you changed 3, 594 ^ 3 = 209584584. That is much more feasible and will have less to do with the language you use, and more to do with how you implement it. It can generate the private key, and then the public key and encode it to see if the address matches (assuming you still have the address).