privacy – No Graphene or Lineage support…am I stuck carrying a google-tracker now? (LG “Journey” on Tracfone)

I prefer flip phones but now I need web access while on job-site, I don’t know why I thought I could just put Lineage onto any handset (swore you could just root a phone and put a new OS on, didn’t recall it being model-specific but haven’t used smartphones for nearly a decade)

What can I do to eliminate, or reduce if that’s all I can do, my “google footprint” here? I’ve used ADB to remove every package with “google” in the title but that doesn’t remove all the google stuff (and some of it simply cannot be removed, one of them – if removed – makes it so the phone will go into an endless loop upon reboot, requiring a full hard-reset)

Thanks a ton for any advice, I know about F-Droid and am using the duckduckgo browser and FOSS alternatives to, say, Calendar adn Youtube-viewer but the fact it’s still on this device/hardware that seems to have “Google” tattoo’d to its bones is bothersome, any & all things I can do to ameliorate this would be greatly appreciated!!