privacy – How to minimize the bias of personalized results in search engines?

Very often I see comments on this SE network in the form of:

Since this question is now Google's main success …

But sometimes that was a statement that I could not confirm as true.

I recently saw what exactly happened to me:

I searched Google for a phrase, I found a SE publication in the first place, I told someone on the phone and they denied that it was true.

So I launched another browser to check if it was a cookie bubble and, in fact, that SE publication was now on page 4 of results. In the same network, same computer, same session.

Since I regularly delete all cookies in my main browser and discard them when leaving in all others:

What exactly distorts Google's results in favor of SE? The search for answers through that search engine itself could indicate that I do not know the correct terms for these problems to produce something useful in the results. But I suspect that it could be in the line of SE cookies, sharing SE data with Google, Google cookies / search history, something else?

Naturally, this is a "service" that I do not want, for many reasons. Greater privacy, more impartial search results, etc. The history of SE is mainly an example that users here can easily replicate.

So, how can this automatic and personalized results bias be avoided?