Printing previous articles in the C # list

I have problems with logic to fill in the text boxes with the data previously stored in the <> List. The code should save the fields in a class and then, when the user presses the Back button, I should show the last item stored in the list. The same goes for clicking on the next button. I do not know how to fill in the text boxes with the data previously stored in the List <>. This is a WPF application. Thanks for any help.

Public partial class MainWindow: Window
// these lines of code import the date / time function and the random function
DateTime time = DateTime.Now;
Random rnd = new Random ();

Chain addresses;
Chain cities;
States of strings;
String zipcodes;
string num = "";

Public list orderlist = new List();

Public class order
public chain of the city {set; obtain; }
string public postal code {set; obtain; }
public string state {set; obtain; }
public string orderNum {set; obtain; }
public string address {set; obtain; }

public main window ()
InitializeComponent ();


private void scanBtn_Click (sender object, RoutedEventArgs e)
// This shows the current date and time in the arrival text box
arrivedAtTextbox.Text = "" + time;

// this code generates a random number and becomes a string to display
int id = rnd.Next (1000);
num = id.ToString ();
packageIDTextbox.Text = num;

// these lines of code enable the fields after clicking on the scan button
addressTextbox.IsEnabled = true;
cityTextbox.IsEnabled = true;
zipCodeTextbox.IsEnabled = true;
stateComboBox.IsEnabled = true;

// this code sets the focus in the address field
addressTextbox.Focus ();

address = addressTextbox.Text;
cities = cityTextbox.Text;
zipcodes = zipCodeTextbox.Text;
states = stateComboBox.Text;


// Add button
private void addBtn_Click (sender object, RoutedEventArgs e)
Order data = New order ();
data.address = addresses; = cities;
data.zipcode = zipcodes;
data.estado = states;
data.orderNum = num;

orderlist.Add (data);

// Delete button
Private Button_Click empty (sender object, RoutedEventArgs e)


// Next button
private void Button_Click_1 (object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)