PostgreSQL: how can I create an index for querying variable combinations of booleans

I have a table of people, each person has a color and they seek various other colors and require various skills.

So I can query this I’ve created a table like so:

id, color_is_red, color_is_green, color_is_blue, color_is_yellow,
seeks_red, seeks_green, seeks_blue, seeks_yellow, seeks_technical, seeks_creative, seeks_leadership

I can then query the table like so:

-- Searching for green & yellow people that looking for red people with skills creative or technical

select id
from person WHERE

    color_is_red = false
    AND color_is_blue = false
    AND seeks_red = true
        seeks_creative = true
        OR seeks_technical = true
limit 200

I’m unclear if this is the best way to structure this data. I also don’t know how I can index this. I had hoped to use a BLOOM index but bloom doesn’t support booleans. I think maybe I need a GIN index as I’ll be querying different combinations of the colors depending on whats required however I’ve tried creating a gin_btree index but the query planner isn’t using it. Another option would be a to use a bitset but I’m not sure how I would do this or index it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks very much