postgresql – database synchronization in a way without connection

We have a centralized web application, with its own database. And we need to distribute desktop applications with their own local database, with the same data.

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These desktop applications do not have access to the Internet, so they must be run with their own local database.
Initially, the applications will be installed with a dump from the centralized database.

Then, from time to time, users will have the opportunity to use a PC with an Internet connection and download the latest changes to the database. Then, these updates will be transferred through a flash drive to your own desktop computers. To make this request, you could ask them when their last update was. I think that in this way we could calculate the inserts / eliminations / differential updates between the local and remote databases.

The database has ~ 250 tables, but not all have to be synchronized.

Both the web server and the desktop applications use:

  • Postgres 9.5
  • sqlalchemy
  • marshmallow

In this scenario, I could give advice on how to achieve one-way off-line synchronization, taking into account the restrictions of external keys and that kind of thing.