postgresql – Composite index design where only a subset will be consulted

I have a table with columns A (kinddate) B1B24 (everyone boolean).

Usually, A It will always be used in each consultation and only one of B1B24. A large subset of the second The columns (more than half) will generally be consulted more than the rest, but all will be used quite frequently.

Should I create indexes in 24 tuples of (A, B1)(A, B24)?
Or 1 large composite index that covers all the columns?

If I am creating many indexes, at what point am I adding too many indexes to the table and what is the approach to solve it? The table is used in a large number of basic functions and will be consulted very frequently.

the second the columns will only be filtered by true, and usually only one second column will be used in a single query. So the where clause of the query will generally look like this:

... WHERE A = & # 39; 2018-11-22 & # 39; And B12