Popunder Adnetwork with the best CPM rates

Hi guys!

My name is Alex and I would like to introduce you to Clickadu.com.

Clickadu is a solid and successful ad network with publishers and advertisers from around the world.

We are focusing on pop-under advertising at this time, and we are pleased to offer you an excellent inventory for this ad format for all countries and objectives. Our traffic comes from premium media websites.

Pop-under advertising is now considered the most efficient with one of the higher
conversion measures
. This form of promotion is now widely used by our large customers, such as: online casinos, stock exchange websites (eg, iForex, xForex, etc.), dating sites, online games, adults, etc.

The total number of impressions is now arriving 10000k daily (around the world).

You will be able to:

– Access your control panel and see all the statistics;
– Set the daily budget, the frequency limit, etc;
– We will send you the IDs of the editors and you can verify which offers a better conversion;
– We can configure the return of s2s data and track conversions on our site to help with optimization;
– One of our managers will be responsible for managing your purchase.

We are looking for new and new advertisers!

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