PopAds scam (does not pay)


I'm from Turkey. I am using PopAds the last 8 months without any problem. 6 days ago, I tried to retire. The PopAds system says: "You are not allowed to make withdrawals, contact support." I got in touch with PopAds support. The support does not say anything. Answers, "We are reviewing". and converted into automatic messages. My opinion is not cheating. In my country, the government blocks my website (4 times). I have to move another domain. Then I am registering the current domain to PopAds. 5 times, there is no record of problems. My traffic is organic and generally mobile traffic. Some days of events (for example, Galatasaray – Fenerbahce football derby), my traffic grows rapidly. I want an answer but PopAds does not say anything. I'm really thinking of cheating PopAds. I hope this problem is solved quickly. I do not want to wait

My e-mail: (In PopAds)

Sorry for my English.

Best regards, Ogun