PopAds.net thread official publisher

Welcome to the official thread of a new popunder adnetwork – PopAds.

It is owned and operated by myself. To answer all the questions like "is scam?" Before being asked, please check my iTrader.

So, what can PopAds offer? Much.
It is the first network of social networks that uses a system of offers similar to the CPC. We have both – remote and local advertisers. Those that are remote are provided by our partners (such as Clicksor), local advertisers made deposits directly to PopAds.
As it is a bidding system, you can set the minimum rate that you will accept per customer. This means that you can get reasonable income without disturbing your visitors.
Here are some more important points:
– Super-fast payments (daily)
– Great international coverage (Australia, Western Europe, South America, Mexico, India).
– Full control over content and popunder rate.
– Good rates
– Most sites are accepted (when approving, we apply the quality score to each site, the better the quality of your site, the better the rates you will get).

We are now working to ensure that more publishers and publishers can offer even better rates to our publishers.

Feel free to register with PopAds :)