plugins – WP Simple & Clean In Article Surveys

I have been looking for a simple survey to place in articles where people can select an option and see the results immediately without having to register, etc. They sent me this example from couples / a20962512 / kendall-jenner-ben-simmons-dating / and I really like it.

I checked the source of the page and found a reference to Riddler, so I went to Riddle and it's not theirs (none of his stuff is what I want either). There was also reference to an application of JS surveys. I have been fairly well versed in WordPress plugins, and I am not finding anything like this. I have also searched for solutions other than WP.

Someone who is familiar with something like this or has an idea of ​​how it could be done?

PS, sorry for the content, it's not my style at all hahaha.

Any help would be appreciated!

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