plotting – ListLinePlot outputs a blank graph

My program contains a variable like this

V = Table(
   Es = i;
   (Alpha) = 0.05;
   soln = 
    Solve((-(Es*(1 - x^2)) == x^2 ((Alpha)* Sqrt(1 - x^2) - 1)^2), x);
   solnArray = x /. soln;
   RealSolnArray = Re((solnArray));
   value = Max(RealSolnArray);
   yreal = NumberForm(value, 3);
   Tex = {NumberForm(Es, 3), yreal}, {i, 0, 2, 0.01});

Whenever I call ListLinePlot like this:


I get a blank graph, whereas if I manually call ListLinePlot with the raw output contents of the table in V of like this:


(the completed list is quite large)

It works perfectly

Please Suggest a proper fix for this issue