Please help me learn more about mortgage refinancing.

Hi all,
Please, help me learn more about mortgage refinancing. I started my business in 2011 and the business started when I obtained a 10-year mortgage. Then, my business grew successfully and in 2013 I started thinking about buying a house. I started looking for the house of my dreams. Although I was financially secure, I did not have many savings to buy a house. Then, at the same time, I started a consultation on a second mortgage. I seek the advice of many of my friends and some of them suggested that I take a second mortgage and I thought I could easily pay the monthly amount.

Then, I consulted the same broker to obtain a second mortgage. Everything was safe until then and I could easily buy my house in 2014. The second is a 15-year fixed-rate mortgage. Now, I feel it is very difficult to liquidate the monthly payments of the two mortgages, since my business is gradually reducing since the end of 2016. I do not know if I can overcome this crisis. The remaining 4 years of the first mortgage and the 12 years of the second mortgage are really a nightmare for me.

Now, I am planning to refinance the mortgage since I have read that refinancing would help reduce the monthly payment. I am trying to gather more details about it and, in my search, I found a broker offering mortgage refinancing in Ontario. I do not have any previous experience with them. I want to consult you soon. Therefore, if you have experience in refinancing mortgages, let me know the details. And help me find the risks too. Or if you have any suggestions regarding the broker, be kind enough to share it too. Awaiting for your reply. Thank you.