Please explain if it is prudent for Trump to fight with Chief Justice John Roberts.

Even Trump's fellow swamp
The rats are now abandoning their sinking ship. He no longer has friends, not that he really has. His group hoped to use it only for their own advance, but now they realize that it was a big mistake.

An incompetent and corrupt businessman / a reality television star is not necessarily a good politician.

The ancient Greeks knew that "arrogance" was the cause of the fall of many vain and selfish human beings. Trump is a perfect example of this.

"It is not a characteristic of wisdom to do desperate things" – Henry David Thoreau

Trump has never been "wise", but he is increasingly "desperate". He knows he's finished, so he does not care who he fights with.

These are the last gasps of a dying man. What difference does it make to him if he falls as the worst president in history? He will remain a multimillionaire. And for people like Trump, ignomony is better than being ignored.