Please advise the negotiation of the affiliation fee with the manufacturer.

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I have made my way in a good relationship with a manufacturer of a very good product in my niche that I am excited to represent as an affiliate. They do not have an affiliate program, but I was able to build a good and genuine relationship first and then, after a while, I explained how I could help them get sales and they liked the idea. I do not know your profit margin on the $ 103 product that is shipped internationally, but I need to determine the rate I ask for my affiliate rates. Please offer advice on choosing a% fee to order them. More information below that will help you if you have time to read …

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The situation is a bit interesting because I'm in the USA. UU And they are in Hong Kong. Also, I'm doing a kind of weird hybrid thing that's kind of an affiliate but not … I'm creating a website specifically for the product (although it's not the "official website") and I'm going to direct traffic to of content, social network ads, etc. Then, the product will be sent. I'm a little scared about this because it's not the typical affiliate system where I would simply recommend sales (so I'm not sure about the legal implications), but it's the best thing I could solve in the current circumstances. since they do not have or do not want to create a website or have any idea how to do much of this. I took care to help them and they are enthusiastic about the whole thing.

I'm trying to decide what membership fee to ask, since they ask me about it. I do not want to ask too much and risk deactivating them, but I do not want to ask too much and having all my time and marketing is not worth it. Right now I am a bit lost, but I am pushing beyond my comfort zone and taking risks that could change my life. It is likely that the product can be sold quite well if the marketing is done correctly (I will do my best)

Another thing I am trying to keep in mind is that there could be other benefits in the future of the relationship, as they could potentially fabricate some of my own product ideas and I could get royalties. However, this is not guaranteed at all. I have no idea if that will take place, so I do not want to put a lot of weight on that factor. It is just something that should be considered when deciding how much to ask in the current affiliation agreement, since "money now" is not the only thing that matters.

The product sells for $ 103 USD and then the shipment depends on where the customer is located all over the world; In general, it is a considerable shipping cost, since it is international and is a decent-sized product. Unfortunately, I have no idea what the profit margin of this product is, so I can not easily determine how much of a fee would be outrageous versus reasonable

Please help! Thank you very much for any help you can provide!