pioneer: Can a Damphir use the spell or the effects of Heal Wounds on himself and pass through the Negative Energy Affinity?

Can a good aligned Damphir use the spell or the effects of Heal wounds on himself and bypass his Negative Energy Affinity or would you still need the Life Soul's dowry to at least be healed in half?

Affinity of negative energy (Ex): The creature is alive, but is treated as undead by all effects that affect the undead differently from living creatures, such as healing spells and channeled energy.


Dominant soul in life
Prerequisite: Dhampir

Benefit: You are healed by the channeled positive energy used to heal living creatures and the channeled negative energy used to heal the undead, but both only heal half the normal amount. It still receives damage from the positive energy that is used to harm the undead, such as the energy channeled and the posture on the hands.

a Damphir Cleric or Bard

using a potion or roll

using a strike or Boost of the Silver Crane discipline for Path of War

Way of war: silver crane