php – Wp Materialize Navwalker not working

I am building a WordPress theme with materialize CSS. It's almost over, but I'm having problems with the navigator.

I've tried several solutions and I've been pretty close to making this work.

  1. The menu items are generated dynamically.
  2. I am representing the same menu items in the mobile side browser and the main browser.

  3. I have added the materialized navwalker of this repository:

  4. This is an old file, so I updated it to match the current css material.

  5. The navigator is rendering a menu item with a drop-down arrow, which is highlighted when I'm floating.

  6. I replaced the jquery with a js vanilla fragment. The options are from the git repository of the navigation browser. This code works on my html copy of the theme.

  7. The Navwalker does not show a drop-down menu, the menu items appear in the trading card development tools but do not appear on the screen.

  8. The navigator navigator is adding the classes, the identifiers and the css attributes of materialization correct to both the father li and the son ul.

As far as I know about materializing, all the attributes are in place and this should be working.

The html version works with the same materialize the IDs of specific js and html classes and data destination attributes.

Can someone help me make this work?

The wordpress theme is here:
The working html is here:

The wp theme is not entirely functional here:

Note that the wp theme contains 3 classes of custom browsers. the only one that currently uses the theme is: wp_materialize_navwalker.php

I suspect something is wrong with the php in wp_materialize_navwalker.php.

Here is the source code of the wp page generated on my local server:

Thanks for the help. 🙂