php – PDO works on localhost, but not on the webservice

I made an application and it runs on the localhost without any problem. When I happened to host, I simply did not read the SQL commands by the PDO (it is enabled in the. php.ini).

The connection seems to work in a good, does not report errors.

} catch (PDOException $ e) {
echo & # 39; ERROR: & # 39; $ E-> getMessage ();

But when I try a search with SQL and PDO nothing appears:

("SELECT * FROM login WHERE login =: login AND password =: password");
$ query-> bindValue (": login", $ login);
$ query-> bindValue (": password", $ password);
$ Query-> execute ();
$ line = $ query-> fetch (PDO :: FETCH_ASSOC);
$ aux = $ query-> rowCount ();

echo "Test 2";
(the rest of the code, but it does not arrive in those parts, I have tried with echo)

but I do not know what to do, but I do not know what to do.