php – ‘Make this my store/change store location’ feature for custom post type store-location

I’m very new to the WordPress environment so please go easy on me with the following question. I have a custom post type store-locations. I am trying to offer the user the option to make a store location their “favorite” store with a “Make my store” or “Shop this location” button. Then have the option to “change locations” with the press of a button.

Currently, I am using the JetEngine plugin and storing it with the data-store module, which is proving to be shaky. We are having to constantly change its settings and in order to “change locations,” the user has to remove the current location before they can add a new location, which is not user friendly.

I am looking for custom code to use and have been researching but I keep getting the results for store locator settings which is not what I need. Does this community have any suggestions on a place I can learn more about this? Any help or direction is greatly appreciated!