php: How do I change the text and icon of the Woocommerce social icons in WordPress on the product file pages?

On my Woocommerce single product page, I have buttons to share on social networks that I would like to change the text, as well as each icon. For example, change the facebook from "share on facebook" to "share on fb", and change the icon to my own custom icon.

You can see the page here. Below is a screenshot of the same page. There are icons in the footer, but I only mean the buttons shown above, which are seen in the screenshot.

  1. I guess I need to edit some woo theme files, which is fine, can anyone tell me which one?
  2. The icons use an awesome font now, what theme files could I edit to configure each one in its own jpeg? (If I could do it with CSS, even better!)

I'm using the Avada theme.

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