php – Doubt print W10

First of all, apologize if this question do not go here for some reason.
The second is to ask, if there is any way to print through a library like PHP or some network command or any solution to my problem.

The scheme would be …

A computer with W10, connected by VPN to another computer with W10 in another site, where there is a ticket printer installed by USB and shared by the shared resources which provides the same Windows.

When connecting to that share from the server without any problem in the connection, I have that printer "connected" on the server with the name of Printer_name in Ip_PC_Where_Is_Por_USB.

Currently I use the Escpos library of Mike42 and with a WindowsConnector, but since it is not shared it does not detect it, it does not allow me to print on that printer since it is not "shared" on the server itself, but it is simply a connection to another computer where it is installed and shared.

Would there be any libraries (PHP) or any method to print on that shared printer other than from the Windows interface itself?

Being a ticket printer, printing is done directly and does not consult a print assistant that would let me select it.

It's a scheme something ambiguous and I ask for forgiveness if it has not been understood very well, but in that case, I'll be willing to more detailed my problem

A greeting and thanks in advance,