php – clicks to other elements of my page (anchor) do not work

I can not achieve that by clicking on a series of buttons (where each one has all the letters of the alphabet and that they are inside a div in a fixed way) take me to the anchor that is in different

(where the "x" would be each of the different letters "A", "B", "C" …. "Z").

I think the problem is in the file .php is that here where I am putting all the content of the page. On this page I put all the words that for example begin with the letter "A" (the search is made in my database with a loop) and where I also take advantage of the title (the

) that since php I have this: threw out "

"$ Let."

"; (This is where I want you to go when you press the button of some of the letters).

I put the part of the code of php (Links.php) which is a function that is where I have the "

" with his id:

<? php
$ Let = "";
$ Sep = "";
$ Sel = 0;
$ Band = 0;
$ Comp = '/[^A-Z]/ ';
function All ($ cxn, $ Let, $ Band, $ Comp, $ Sep) {
     $ sql = mysqli_query ($ cxn, "select Word from ....");
     $ CarA = array ("Á", "Å", "É", "Í", "Ó", "Ú");
     $ CarS = array ("A", "A", "E", "I", "O", "U");
     while ($ row = mysqli_fetch_assoc ($ sql)) {
          $ Ter = $ row['Palabra'];
          $ Ter = str_replace ($ CarA, $ CarS, $ Ter);
        if (preg_match ($ Comp, ucfirst ($ Ter[0]))) {
            if ($ Band == 0) {
                threw out "

";                 $ Band = 1;             } else {                 $ Sep = "";                  }         } else {             if (ucfirst ($ Ter[0])! == ucfirst ($ Let)) {                 $ Let = $ Ter[0];                 if ($ Let == 'A') {                     threw out "

"$ Let."

";                     $ Sep = "";                 } else {                     $ Sep = "";                     threw out "

"$ Let."

";                 }             } else {$ Sep = "";}         }          echo $ Sep;?>         <a class = "GloIT" href = "./"title ="">

Then on the main page (Content.html) I have the div where it is going to show all the content that comes from php (is the <div class = "Secc">). On this main page I use JQuery and of Ajax. Within JQuery I have the creation of the buttons (the fixed div) with a for to put each letter in a list (

  • $ {letter}
  • ).

    Here you can see part of the Code (I also make some comments there). There certain part of HTML I had to put it to hand (because in reality everything that is inside the

    I charge it from php as you can see in the JQuery with his ajax). Of course, clicks work there. Selecting (in the example from A to F) brings me to the


    It will be a matter of I do not have everything in a single file. Yesterday I was given to put everything in a single file and walked the anchor. But I do not want to do it that way, besides this way other things do not work for me.

    The strange thing is that if I want to inspect the elements of my page I see that there are

    with its corresponding id (A, B, C, D … Z). Anything there is as a follow-up in the Chat in case you want to ask me something else.