PhotonVPS – Los Angeles | Asia optimized network | 25GB HD, 500GB BW with DDoS mitigation $ 9.95

PhotonVPS is pleased to offer our new accommodation on a secure website with uptime guarantee.

All services include the following:

– Tier 4 data center in downtown Los Angeles, California and Dallas, TX
– Disaster Planning N + 2 Setup (Hardware, Generators, AC, Routers, Switches, Personal!)
– Internal personnel in the place!
Free DDoS mitigation up to 2 Gbps!
– You can see our ASN here:
– BGP optimized by Noction Intelligent Routing
– Semi-directed support 24x7x365.

Cloud hosting plans

Start of website hosting

  • 25 GB of disk space
  • 500 GB bandwidth
  • 1 IP
  • Free DDoS mitigation up to 2 Gbps!
  • $ 9.95
  • Order now

Hosting business websites

  • 100 GB of disk space
  • Bandwidth of 1TB
  • 1 IP
  • Free DDoS mitigation up to 6 Gbps!
  • $ 19.95
  • Order now

Enterprise SSD Cloud Hosting with Enterprise Hardware!


Testing of IPs:
The mirror of Los Angeles, California (United States West):

Dallas, Texas (US Central) Mirror:

Chicago, Illinois (US Central) Mirror:

Ashburn, Virginia (United States East) Mirror:

London, United Kingdom Looking Glass:

Amsterdam, Netherlands, mirror:

Johannesburg, South Africa, mirror:

Taipei, Taiwan looking at the glass:

Tokyo, Japan Looking glass:

Mumbai, India mirror:

– Lightning Speed ​​Network!
– The fastest ROUTES to asia!


Q: How long is the configuration?
A: the installation is instantaneous.

Q: Where are your servers located?
A: Los Angeles, California, Dallas, TX, Ashburn, VA, London, United Kingdom, Amsterdam, NL, Johannesburg, ZA, and Taipei, Taiwan!

Q: Are you a reseller or do you own your hardware?
A: We are not resellers and we own all the servers and routers.

Q: How long have you been in the business?
A: PhotonVPS – Since 2008; Profusa Solutions – Since 1999

Q: Can you help transfer our data?
A: Usually, we can do it as long as we have the data in a cPanel.

Q: What happens if I step over the bandwidth assigned monthly?
A: Your cloud will be suspended until the bandwidth is restored or you will have to upgrade to a superior package.

Q: When is the bandwidth restored?
A: the bandwidth is restarted in 1S t of each month.

Q: Do you allow adult content?
A: Yes, we allow legal content for adults on our servers.

Q: Do you allow VPNs and proxies on your server?
A: Yes, we allow VPNs and proxies on our servers.

Q: What methods do you accept for payment?
A: We currently accept all major credit cards, Paypal and Alipay.

If you have more questions or comments, contact us at sales (at)

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