Personalized advice on development issues.

Hi everyone, I'm looking for advice,

I'm thinking of developing a custom theme and updating my previous site.

I'm tired of buying themes and doing work, only to find out later
use 10 add-ons, something is missing in the subject or it breaks something later or the person who did the work did a bad job,

I will not do the work myself. I would hire people, I do not have the skills, only the basic knowledge.

I have the basic idea of ​​what may be needed, what I think is that by getting help and advice from you, I can get the good basic plans I need to build the theme.

I've been using wordpress for the past few years, so I was thinking about continuing with that.

Some of the problems, I can get many good basic topics, but due to the fact that I run the local rankings site, I will need to develop it.