performance – SQL vs NoSQL for a table with millions insert per day

Currently, I have a project using MySQL. I need to create a new table that will insert millions data every day. The select query usage is quite rare(maybe about 5 times fetch/select per day), but most of the columns is needed for filtering and ordering, so I can’t save compressed data. I need to minimize storage usage for that table. The performance is slightly slower is no problem(but if significant maybe I will consider it).

The table consists of about 12 columns, 3 columns are datetime, 2 columns are biginterger, and other are string. Each string column value is about 5-50 char length. maybe average will be 15 chars.

Which is better for my needs, still use MySQL table or use NoSQL like MongoDB?

As far as I know, NoSQL consume a lot of space because of denormalized column, but I think in my case it’s not a problem, because I just need a single table. Am I really need NoSQL?