Perfect Money VERIFICATION problem. – Payment processors

Hello ,

I am with Perfect Money, since I live in Russia, that is, I am married to my Russian wife, the only problem is that, with regard to the verification section regarding UTILITY BILLS, the only problem is that the property where we live is in the name of my Russian wife and in all public services. the bills are only in your name and that I am not THE OWNER of said property, therefore, any suggestions or not in this situation?

Regarding the other Verification, that is, ID is that I have a BRITISH PASSPORT and that the last Verification is a MOBILE PHONE I can get, but PM indicates that after the ID and UTILITY sections are VERIFIED only after PM indicates than adding a MOBILE PHONE, everything is then verified [ bummer ]

Thanks for your time on this topic.

PS In fact, I contacted PM using his internal help or whatever after sending a ticket PIN and only after 48 hours should you answer me with the previous sections. In addition, I sent a ticket once a month to a BANK DECLARATION OF PENSION OF ENGLAND where I worked many years ago, I personally went and asked if this is fine as a Verification, it is a case of waiting and that I am a member of DONKEY MAILS since Perfect Money is in its processors As Solid Trust Pay is not good and with Payzer it is not good either. 😩