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    The results of Striction BP Research advise that certain foods and dietary supplements, along with cocoa, garlic, fish oil (omega-3 fatty acids), flaxseed, green or black tea, probiotics and roselle herb ( Hibiscus sabdariffa), can help reduce Back Striction BP in people with hypertension. Michael Ryan is a professional in nutritional dietary supplements and has over 30 years of experience in the wellness and wellness sector. Visit their website to find out what diet and what vitamin supplements you need to take into account. Power training can also be essential for the health of your coronary heart and can help reduce blood stress. Constant hypertension can cause peripheral arterial disease, heart failure, arteriosclerosis, kidney failure, brain damage and several different problems. Other research found that having a less sugar-sweetened beverage per day was linked to lower blood stress (34). Fish oil: Fish oil, which is long proven to improve coronary heart well-being, may benefit primarily people with hypertension (49, 50). Next, I will talk about what science tells us today about the potential effectiveness of GABA dietary supplements for sleep and different situations. To measure your Striction BP, your doctor or a specialist will usually place an inflatable cuff around your arm and measure your blood stress using a strain gauge.