Hello everyone, my first post here. (sorry if there is any spelling error (IMG))

So, I wanted to talk about a topic called PRE-PAYMENT.
As an affiliate manager, I speak with many affiliates during my day, after discussing traffic capabilities, payments and expectations of arriving at the payment method.
The majority (90%) of the affiliates will tell you that they need PRIOR PAYMENT, as it is their policy.
and they ask you to transfer funds to a specific account and they promise you will see results or your money back. (They claim they have been scammed before, well … we all did).
Now, when I try to offer a different approach as immediate payment, that means that as soon as there is a conversion, I will transfer the money, which can serve both parties,
Affiliate: If you don't receive your payment, you can stop the campaign and end it.
Affiliate manager side: if everything goes well, I will be happy to pay and continue this relationship (everyone in this business to earn money).
For now, I started working with some affiliates in this way and we continued our relationship. and moved to NET terms.

So, my question is what do you think, the affiliates, and also my fellow affiliate managers, what they are doing and how they create relationships.

Thanks in advance