Payment: Are there documented best practices for SaaS update requests in the application?

I have a SaaS web application with 3 different plans. Each plan increases access to certain functions or a large amount of a particular feature. We will call them A, B and C, where C is the most expensive and highest level plan.

Currently, if you are registered in plan A, you can see a location in the application that says "Update your account to get access to the XYZ function" (because plan A does not include that function). Clicking on that indicator will take you to the plan administration view, where you can see the features in front of the plans and update if you wish.

What I wonder is whether the indications about the lower plans are overwhelming for the user experience by telling them things they do not have access to and wondering if there are best practices on how to handle this.

For example, if I delete the indications completely, the user may not know that the plan of the next level has a feature that they need and want; Maybe they cancel for that.

Should the indications be eliminated and replaced with the marketing email that informs the user about what is being lost?

What is the best way to handle?