Pathfinder: How to trigger the AC condition on the dancing scarves during a full-round attack as a two-weapon combat rogue?

TL; DR: The Circling Mongoose feat would be better for a rogue TWF, since it has a better synergy with the Sneak Attack. And it allows the condition to be applied in the dancing scarves.

There is another option that costs less than the Outslug Sprint feat signaled by @Mouza: the feat of the circling mongoose.

Unlike Outslug Sprint, which would cost a total of 6 feats, the Circling Mongoose feat would only cost 4 feats.

So what is the problem? Would it be better to circulate the mongoose? Not so fast! The greater the power, the greater the risk that it entails.

Taking the path of Outslug Sprint will give us the following benefit:

  • +2 dodges the AC and +2 to the damage roll when taking a 5-foot step
  • Strike in +1 case using Lunge.
  • the 5 foot step is in fact a step of 10 feet.
  • no more -2 AC when you use Lunge

This is quite powerful, but there is not much synergy with the standard dishonest way to hurt: the sneak attack (or SA To abreviate).

Benefit: When you are adjacent to an enemy, such as a full round action, you can perform a full attack action to perform melee attacks against the enemy, moving 5 feet before each attack. You must move 5 feet before each melee attack you make, and you can not exceed your maximum speed, exceed your maximum number of attacks in a round, or attack any other target until the start of your next turn.

You must remain adjacent to the enemy, and your movement provokes attacks of opportunity as usual unless you succeed in the appropriate Acrobatic tests. If your first attack against the enemy hits, it is considered that you are flanking the enemy in your second attack. Subsequent attacks made as part of the full attack action continue to be treated as if you were flanking the enemy until one of your attacks fails, at which point your attacks are dealt with normally.

Taking the path of the Mongoose that circulates will give us the following benefit:

  • We were able to outflank an opponent on our own if an attack occurred (quite interesting with a rogue to do SA).
  • +1 dodge AC of the dodge deat.
  • +4 dodge the AC when you move in an opponent territory of the Mobility feat.
  • Taking a step of 5 feet before each attack in a full round action of Circling Mongoose.
  • The full action of the spring attacks and their hit and run tactics.

With the following risk: give opponents Opportunity Attacks (or AOO for short) between each step of 5 feet.

If we want to use the Circus Monster as a rogue, putting many points in the Acrobatics skill will help a lot. Also the +4 dodge AC from Mobility helps too.

Other exploits with a synergy in the use of this path:

  • The dowry of Canny Tumble, which grants a +2 attack modifier in the next attack when acrobatics are used to avoid the AOO and allow the SAs in the first attack. Pretty good synergy with Circling Mongoose.
  • The Acrobatic feat, which grants +2 (and +4 at level 10 in the skill) to the aerobatics.

Rogue Talents:

  • The advanced talents of Blades of Confusion forbid an opponent his AoO against a rogue who was previously able to make an SA. This talent as a condition in the base of Slow Reactions is talent.

Rogue archetypes:

3) Conclusion

The route of the Mongoose that circulates would be a better option for a rogue TWF. And with the same dowry cost as in the Outslug Sprint, we would have more opportunities for SA. And in this case, it triggers the condition in the Dancing Scarves.