Pathfinder: How can I encourage players to correctly score their skills?

Skill scores do not dictate the role play style.

In regards to Pathfinder rules, players choose their role style. Skill scores are mechanical. Skill scores affect the results and may be prerequisites for certain characteristics, but they do not necessarily affect the player's (or character's) style or role play options.

For example, a character with 7 Wisdom can make wise decisions, and a character with 7 Charisma can be friendly and sociable. A character with -2 Diplomacy can try to flirt with the bartender, and a character with -2 Intimidate can try to sound hard. From the statistical point of view, they are more likely to fail when rolls participate, but nothing in the system prevents them from trying.

If you want the skill scores to be more important, then include more challenges based on these runs.

If you want players to play role-playing games according to their skill scores, then you have the right to impose that as a table rule. However, unless the players agree to such a rule, it is unlikely that such a rule will make the game better or more fun.

Otherwise, as long as the players' role playing styles do not cause interpersonal conflicts or make you feel uncomfortable, your role playing style will not be a problem.