Pathfinder – How can an archer overcome the crushing of an aerial feat?

How would an archer deal with a dex character that has a great aerial impact, combat reflexes and a better attack bonus?

As long as the dex character has a weapon and is aware of the attack, which is the situation here, how could the archer possibly make a successful attack without trying to trust their AOO to fail them? The character of dex has enough dex bonus to deflect more attacks than the archer can do and with his attack bonus is 6-10 higher.

As noted Hey, I can Chan, I have not provided enough information.
Currently both are level 9. Archer is built as 4 levels of generic fighter, 5 levels of Guardian: archetype hawkguard of war path. Archer has only invested in feats at a distance. So anything that will help you hit harder or shoot more arrows. Currently he does not even carry a melee weapon.

Nor is it really possible to surround the character of dex from melee, since its movement speed exceeds mine due to the psycho-hurry of a war path that can be updated so that there is no limit.